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All About Joza

Well...A little about Joza! 

Who is ThatgirlJoza? To quote an extremely famous Ogre "I am like an onion. I have many layers". Cliche I know , but I have to say I find it extremely hard to conform to one label and whatever expectations come with it when there are so many elements that make me the woman I am.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls , a writer, poet , music lover, a lover of love, a Gemini (Don't leave yet give me a chance!). I am of mixed heritage, an Honours degree media graduate (had to slot that in to give it some use in my life!) and finally, I am a student of life continually striving to reach higher levels of inner peace through mindfulness and self reflection.

I have a deep desire to bring happiness to other people in all areas of their life and hope that an ounce of my wisdom, thoughts and shared experiences here on Thatgirljoza can bring strength, inspiration and practical guidance to all of my readers.

You can also check out and follow @thatgirljoza on IG for daily motivation and inspiration. xx

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