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Covid-19 Isolation: 10 Tips For Managing Financial Stress & Strain

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

During these uncertain times where announcements have gone from epidemics to pandemics, toilet roll frenzies to social distancing, and casual chats at work to potential redundancy, it can get way to easy to get caught up with the panic culture. Information is so easily shared on social media platforms that sometimes it is difficult to decipher the bulldoodoo from the facts! A lot of information about the fast spreading virus Covid-19 is very ambiguous. However, if you have reached the stage of self isolation, lock-down or have even been laid off of work, one fact is very real and clear, bills do not pay themselves!!

Obviously I am in no way minimising the importance of our health, as that is clearly a number one priority. But inevitably it is only natural to worry about how you can support your household for the foreseeable future. This in itself can lead to poor mental health if the stress becomes unmanageable.

So here are my 10 tips to help relieve some of the stresses of financial strain that may arise as a result of unexpected absence from work during this time;

  1. Check your employment contract & to see what pay you are legally entitled to when absent from work, I.e Statutory sick pay, are holidays owed etc.

  2. Calculate your total earnings/savings and how long you can realistically cover essential outgoings.

  3. Cancel non-essential subscriptions/refund any over payments. I.e school dinners/travel cards /Oysters etc

  4. Call/email semi essential companies for outgoings to see if fee/bill can be frozen. I.e gym membership (sometimes there is a small admin fee for this but way less than a full bill)

  5. Contact companies for your fixed outgoings to explain your circumstances. DON'T leave it until bill's are overdue! Sometimes payment plans or extended or deferred deadlines can be put in place.

  6. Create long term/realistic meal plans; Don't be a sheep & panic buy food!!

  7. Meditate.Pray.Relaaaax.Reflect.

  8. Write a to do list of everything you used to wish you could do on your day off(minus holidays and socialising🤪) !! Now make it a reality!

  9. Have a portal/skype/whatsapp video call party with family/friends

  10. Take each day as it comes!☀

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