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Daddy Don't Worry

By Thatgirljoza

Silouette of two children standing by the waterside with the sunshine reflecting off of the water and  bursting behind them
Park Life

Dear Daddy,

It’s me, your daughter,

Bound by the blood in our veins not water,

You told me that day that you would see me,

I was a really good girl and waited so eagerly,

I called you from the phone Mummy got for us to speak,

You must be really busy, you haven’t answered all week.

I drew some cool things and I wanted to show you,

Am I still your “star girl” if you can’t see what I can do?

Let me give you an update so you don’t miss a thing,

You must work a lot if you can’t take me to the swings,

I read books now and I’ve gone up a level,

I’ve been practicing my math , I know my 2 times table,

I wanted to show you but you didn’t get my message,

Well, it had the blue ticks but I don’t think you really read it,

Coz the daddy I know would reply right away,

I’m sure you’re doing something more important anyway,

I wonder why you hardly see me anymore,

But I heard on the news bills are going to soar,

So I guess you must have to work harder than Mummy,

Coz she works hard too and she still has time for me,

But Daddy don’t worry you don’t have to panic,

I don’t need your money I saved some in my piggy bank,

We can do plenty of things that are free,

Like a walk in the park just you and me,

Maybe a movie night , you’re always my star,

Perhaps we can just drive around in your car,

Or a video call for my bed time story,

If that’s all too much I’ll come find you like Dory,

I know you think you have to give me so much,

But I promise all I need is your time and your touch.


This poem is a message written from the innocent perspective of a young girl writing to her absent Daddy. She looks at the world through her innocent eyes and comes up with solutions for her Daddy to stop worrying about the world around them and to spend some time with her.

This scenario could apply to many situations, absent parents, a separated family or even a parent having to do overtime or work shifts that do not align with their kids schedule due to the changing economy or childcare arrangements. Please see below a few support networks if any of these things effect you in any way.

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Money Support & Advice

Parental Support & Advice

Separated Parents Supporting Children

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