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Diary of a Published Author! Eeeek

Two Whole Months!!

Ok so it is now officially 2 whole months since I released my first book into the world as an author 😊

It feels very surreal writing that. This time last year I would have been intently writing my book whilst entertaining my children and attempting to maintain a semi presentable lockdown home.

I have to say something really cliché here, it really has been a rollercoaster of emotions since I finished and published “Life’s A B*tch & Then You Die; A Memoir & Practical Guide to Coping With The Reality of Life After Loss”.

The Initial Release Date


I naively thought that once I pressed that launch button it would be instantly catapulted out into the world and into the homes of every grieving bookworm out there that needed support. I also thought I would feel a weight off my shoulders sharing my story and at some point in the near future I would also be a filthy rich best seller! I guess some of those things still have time to come!

....VS Reality

The thing that I was not expecting was an overwhelming sense of feeling lost. I had spent the last year dedicating my time to this one thing and now it is done I just thought ok, what now? All this abundance of time! I had actually planned meticulously for post-launch but it was almost like my mind went blank! I have read about this happening to authors after finishing a project, some will have it just sitting there dormant without even publishing it.

Bitter Sweet

Mum would have been super proud .... yet she was the one person I couldn’t call about it.

In addition to that, as you will know from reading my book, grief is something that doesn’t ever completely leave you, it comes and goes, simmers and intensifies accordingly. This was something that hit me unexpectedly last month because being a published author is definitely something my Mum would have been super proud of yet she was the one person I couldn’t call about it. Equally, the irony was that perhaps I may not have published a book this soon in my life (who knows if it is something I was destined to do) if my mum had not passed away. It is something that I cannot possibly know and although sharing my story and experience has given me some closure, it has been a bitter sweet experience but one that I cherish.


On the upside I have learnt things about myself on this journey that really do give me confidence to proceed with anything I want to do in life. I have overcome some self-created barriers formed by my intermittent social anxiety and I have also remained consistent in reaching a goal that I really am passionate about. I really think that these two things are key to pursuing and maintaining success;

1. Push past the fear

2. TRY to remain consistent in reaching your goal.

Of course it goes without saying that you have to start with having a clear goal to begin with!



Love & Support

If I had any doubts at all about how the morbid subject of death would be received, they were very quickly dispelled. The support has been absolutely amazing, I really was not expecting so many people that I actually knew to take the time out to buy and read my book let alone give me praise in their feedback. People often say never rely on friends and family to support and promote your business ventures and so if I am totally honest, this sounds a bit harsh but I expected the bare minimum from most people I knew. There were of course some people that I expected to be more encouraging or proud, that gave minimum support or didn’t buy my book. (Not that the two go hand in hand). Some even went to the lengths of purposely unsubscribing so as not to hear about my progress! I guess these things are all learning curves really, I won’t hold it against them because at least my work is reaching the people that need it the most and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

Some Kind Words Shared by My Readers :)

I appreciate each and every one of you that has taken that time to support me and have said both privately and publicly how helpful the book was for you.

If you have not done so already and would like to check out “Life’s A B*tch & Then You Die” please click either of the links below and get your copy!


Press: For any author interviews, media opportunities, EPK requests or anything else press related contact

Hire Me to Speak: If you would like to hire me to speak, I offer this service for employees, clients and also young adults in education settings. As explained in my book it is important for us to change the idea that discussing death is taboo as it will inevitably affect us all. What better way to change this view than by having me start the conversation?! If you would like further details, including my talking topics contact

TGJ Publishing Services: Any enquiries regarding publishing services contact

General Contact- If you want to contact me for anything else book related, topic related or want to give feedback , you guessed it get at me on !


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