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Straighten Your Crown

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

All this space and time

Left alone with thoughts to unwind

Holding that mirror up to your face

Nowhere to run from it when stuck in one place

Reacquainted with a former shadow of yourself

Dig deeper than your ego to benefit your health

Such irony, confinement with unlimited access

Time to test your limitations with freedom to practice

Access to the time to think, thinking about the times extinct

Enough to build you up or send you over the brink

Detect and decode what truly defines you

Find out that one thing that really ignites you

A time where no-one else can influence you with opinion

Your choices are your own no-one else has dominion

Be sure about who you let access your soul

Because now more than ever you have full control

Energy wont lie and you'll feel it when its negative

The ones you think are close can creep up on you like a sedative

Focus on your own light the good gets drawn in

Attract the ones that are truly down for you to win

Your opinion of you is what holds the most weight

Because only your actions decipher your fate

So take this time to ask yourself some serious questions

Note down your answers, each word is more progression

Let down your hair , embrace all your senses

Don't be afraid to let down your defences

Humble yourself and slow things back down

Take this time to straighten your crown

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